Monsters, Creatures & Legends

Starring Sarah Stone, Eapen Leubner and Mallory Bernstein.

October 22 at Arts at Cabrini and Syntax Physic Opera.


Starring Karen Tucker, Sarah Reyndolds, Pablo Romero, Adam Ewing and Mallory Bernstein.

November 17 at Syntax Physic Opera.

Shakespeare’s Songs

Starring Amy Maples, Eapen Leubner, John Seesholtz and Mallory Bernstein.

February 23 at Syntax Physic Opera;  February 26 at Wash Park Center for Music and Arts.

Women’s Voices

Starring Stephanie Ann Ball, Kristen Smith, Hallie Spoor, Sarah Reynolds and Mallory Bernstein.

March 9 at Syntax Physic Opera.

Collab ’17 with The Boxwood Ensemble

Starring Margaret Ozaki Graves, Eapen Leubner and Mallory Bernstein of Denver Art Song Project and Chris Jusell, Natalie Padilla, Leah Kovach and Elle Wells of The Boxwood Ensemble.

May 16 at Arts at Cabrini.